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Complete in December 2008, developers, builders and the public at large now have a shining example of what thoughtful redevelopment in an historic community looks like. TANYARD PARISH is now the standard by which all other urban infill projects will be judged.

TANYARD PARISH is located in the heart of one of the South's oldest and most established historic districts. It boasts a South Front Street address between such notable landmarks as Chandler's Wharf and The Wilmington Ironworks building. Likewise, the project is only a few quick paces to the breathtaking Cape Fear Riverwalk.

Along with this prestigious location came particular challenges for the design team. It was imperative that every possible modern amenity be included in the homes, and yet the project had to complement and pay homage to Wilmington's venerable heritage. There would be no shortcuts and there would be no compromise with respect to quality.

As you enjoy these pages, you will agree the resulting project not only promises to enrich the fabric of Wilmington's historic district but also is destined to become a landmark in its own right. We are proud to share with you Wilmington's newest privilege, TANYARD PARISH.

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It's about quality of life people say, time spent with friends and not on the roadways. It's about choosing to take some classes, or choosing to explore a new hobby instead of mowing a big yard every Saturday afternoon. It's about casting off convention and embracing a new aesthetic. ... continue.

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"One of our favorite things about downtown is its sense of place. Wilmington has preserved the small town feel, but is full of interesting people from all sorts of places ..."

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